ZM's Vaughan Smith can't shut up about his new obsession - with goats, of all things.

It's so bad, even his wife Sharde is sick of him waffling on about them.

Talking on air this week to his ZM co-hosts Megan and Fletch, Vaughan admitted he's been feeding treats to his new goat friends, Helen and Harold who he adopted from Auckland Council Animal Shelter.

Harold and Helen. Photo / Instagram
Harold and Helen. Photo / Instagram

"I took them a selection of crackers and stuff yesterday afternoon to see what they would be into," he said.


He then went on to tell a story about how Helen didn't like how peppery the crackers were - that's when he finally realised things might be getting a little out of hand.

"The more I talk about the goats the more I realise my life is getting sad and lonely and I'm isolating myself as a crazy goat man," he said.

"Like yesterday Sharde said, 'I'm taking the kids swimming, what are you doing out there?' And I was like 'ahhhh'… and she's like, 'You are just talking to the goats aren't you?' And I was like… 'ah yep.'"

Each to their own, eh?

Watch the full chat above!