Kiwi actor Sam Neill has responded to the first image of a black hole with a hilarious social media wise-crack referencing his role in the sci-fi horror flick Event Horizon.

The world got its first look at the astral phenomenon this week with visual proof that black holes do actually exist, after astronomers captured the breakthrough photo using the Event Horizon telescope network.

Neill took particular interest in the news, taking to Twitter to remind followers of his onscreen journey into a black hole by posting: "Been there, done it. #Event Horizon #BlackHole"

Fans of the super creepy 1997 movie will remember Neill's starring role as Dr William Weir, the inventor of the "gravity drive" that allows spaceships to quickly travel vast distances through an artificial black hole.


When the Event Horizon spaceship returns seven years after it disappeared following an experimental trip using the drive, Weir joins a rescue crew to investigate, but once aboard the craft they make some hellish discoveries.