If you want free cooking lessons follow Josh Emett on Instagram — the former MasterChef judge has been giving free gourmet cooking lessons from his state-of-the-art home kitchen in Kohimarama.

Throughout March, the handsome chef has been thrilling home cooks, teaching them how to make everything from his famous restaurants including mashed potato, creamed spinach, lamb rack, eye fillet and a super-easy blueberry tart.

He even re-posts a well-done emoji to cooks who have followed his steps.

"I'm actually really enjoying having the interaction with the followers and seeing people make the dishes and tell me that I've helped them with the daily grind of figuring out what to cook," says Emett.


The filming takes as long as the cooking — it's the editing and adding emojis that take the time to get right. Wife Helen Cranage shoots with him through the week and his young sons take over the camera on the weekends.

"I had been meaning to up my social media game for a long time and knew that the cooking lessons would be a great way to build my following with the lead up to the launch of my new book, The Recipe, this week.

"I'm really excited to see how it is received. I am really proud of this book. It was quite a journey and took two years." Could we see a Cooking with Josh in NZ show? We tell him he could be the next Alison Holst or Annabel Langbein.

"They are both NZ cooking icons so I'm very flattered. I am not sure if there will be a Josh cooking show — you never know — but I have always really enjoyed doing live cooking demos at events. Working at Gordon Ramsay's restaurants I regularly did cooking masterclasses and I loved the close interaction with the foodies who attended.

"I've been toying with the ideas of running masterclasses later in the year for more technical dishes — I'll be keeping people updated on the 'gram."

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