"I feel so empowered and sexy in these 10-year-old ripped granny panties!" said no one ever.

We all have that one pair of extremely comfortable, yet daggy pair of underpants that we just can't seem to part with.

But it's 2019 and it's time for an undie-vention!

This week, Girls on Top Brodie Kane, Caitlin Marett and Gracie Taylor are taking a stand on getting rid of their old knickers and bras for a fresh start and to feel better about themselves.


"I mean we can talk about this but it's a bit gross, but we have our 'period undies' and you would never have a nice (bra and knicker) set to go matching with that. But why do we feel that we can't have nice underwear?" says Caitlin.

"I have just got a new boyfriend and I have changed a few things. I have chucked out a few pairs of undies… but previous to this, I just thought 'oh I will just wear my yucky undies,' but why do we put ourselves through that? Why do we have to wear yucky undies? Because they are comfortable I guess. But you can have nice looking undies that are comfortable as well!"

"If you are putting something on first thing in the morning and it's going to be close to your skin all day long, you want it to be nice and luxurious and comfortable! Why do we feel we have to keep all the crappy old pairs we have?" says Gracie.

"My grandma always says to wear nice undies in case you get hit by a bus. Because I do randomly think that if something happens to me and I am wearing the most disgusting like, granny-panties and they have to rip my clothes off because they have got to save my life. They are going to be like 'ew what is going on here?' says Caitlin.

"Everything that I used to wear when I was younger was always either really expensive and uncomfortable and it just digged into my muffin tops," says Brodie.

"I have to admit … I think I am going to stage my own undie-vention," says Brodie.

"My go-to when I am feeling 'meh' is these ones that I don't even know where they came from. They are orange, pink and black striped. The elastic is all gone. I should burn them. I think it's time…. I am better than that," says Brodie.

Listen to the full Girls on Top chat below!


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