Rich List husband and wife Tenby Powell and Sharon Hunter had a memorable night with Governor Jeb Bush of the famed US political dynasty last Saturday.

Powell is one of three prime ministerial appointees who serve on the Apec Business Advisory Council and the Atlanta dinner came at the first meeting of the group.

"Jeb created time and space for everyone," Powell tells Spy. "He wasn't rushed and listened well — we chatted to him for some time.

"He loved talking to us Kiwis and thinks the world of New Zealand and the huge contribution we make, given our size, to global affairs on multiple fronts, from international diplomacy to military deployments with US Coalition Forces."


Both Powell and Hunter were touched by Bush's memories and his love of his father the late President George W Bush.

Jeb told them that his father was the greatest man he had known and he still misses him a lot. The Governor said he thinks the values his father instilled in him, include having the courage to fight for what he believes in.

"I'm sure every father would love to think their children would talk of them in this way and it caused many of us to reflect in conversation later on how we are contributing to our countries and society generally," adds Powell.

In another powerful political pow-wow in November last year, Powell met up with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Papua New Guinea.