Celebrity trainer and man about town Dwayne Rowsell is opening a new kind of fitness facility this month. The former New Zealand Black Stick is set to hone A-List bodies at Studio Box in Crowhurst St, Newmarket.

Rowsell, 27, who famously trains Victoria's Secret model Georgia Fowler, says Studio Box is an immersive, high-intensity, boxing-inspired workout designed to motivate mind and body. The results he and his team will achieve are via a high energy, low-impact workout that provides all the benefits of boxing without the bouts and brawn.

Rowsell teamed up with two international master trainers from the United States to create the programme.

"I've been working with Shay Kostabi and Barry Ennis, master trainers and fitness professionals, they have helped direct, programme, choreograph and consult on multiple boutique studios across the world and we have combined all of this for Studio Box." Rowsell tells Spy.


The social media campaign that Studio Box is rolling out represents some of the best bodies around the local scene; including Bad Mothers actor Josh McKenzie, model Boston Ridge, athletics star Lydia O'Donnell and fitness personality Amy Fraser.

"Josh is a loyal friend and we both share a passion for boxing; Boston is a client and we have known each other for years; Lydia's passion for movement and wellbeing is second to none and Amy founded OKREAL. We started training together last year and we have some exciting work to do together," he says.

Model Georgia Fowler. Instagram NZH 14Oct18 -
Model Georgia Fowler. Instagram NZH 14Oct18 -

The studio is flash and has been built by some of the best in fitness and design in the business.

It is New Zealand's first purpose-built, fully immersive facility, and the first gym in NZ that solely uses innovative tear-drop style, water-filled punch bags, which provide less impact on your joints; allowing you to train harder and more frequently.

Rowsell says no experience is necessary and classes are non-contact, designed to allow you to work at your own level while still feeling motivated on your individual bag.