Breakfast host Daniel Faitaua has blasted those offended by Whittaker's new "gender reveal" chocolate, calling the backlash "absolutely pathetic".

Whittaker's latest campaign features chocoloate coloured either blue or pink for people to use the block as a gender reveal tool, with proceeds going to Plunket.

However it was met by backlash from those upset by the gender binary limitations of having only pink and blue to represent the gender of their baby saying "colours are for everyone".

So when Dan and the team tackled the hot topic issue on this morning's episode of Breakfast, they tip-toed carefully around the issue at first.


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Posted by Whittaker's Chocolate Lovers on Thursday, 14 February 2019

"Some people would say gender is not a binary construct, or its just two things, or it's a scale and people aren't necessarily just male or just female," said Jack Tame.

"Biologically there are some people who are intersex or an unknown sex.. because it's not always perfect," Hayley Holt added, before taking back her statement to change "perfect" to "binary" saying, "we need to be careful with our words".

But when Dan joined the conversation, he didn't hold back.

"What a load of rubbish, get over yourselves. Seriously just get over yourselves, it's just chocolate," he said.

"I mean I could be offended because I am a person of colour because it has the word coconut on it but I am not. This is where it is getting to. And then the colour of chocolate, brown!

"Give me a break, I mean this is absolutely pathetic I think people need to get over themselves. This is Whittakers at its best, helping a charity, helping Plunket and doing well for it. Let's just celebrate that and eat chocolate for what it is, don't read too much into it."

Fans have commented on social media agreeing with Daniel's remarks.

"Totally agree with Daniel. It's just chocolate and good on Whittaker fundraising for Plunket !"


"It's bloody chocolate, good on Whittaker's for making this chocolate to help Plunket. Stop making a Mountain out of a mole hill"

"Coconut chocolate Daniel..your the man bro."

Watch the full debate below