Kiwi film The Breaker Upperers is making waves internationally after streaming giant Netflix started airing it overseas last week.

The film stars Madeleine Sami and Jackie Van Beek and debuted on Netflix last Friday, February 15.

New fans have taken to social to sing the film's praises.

"So happy to see @breakeruppererson Netflix!! Saw this movie last year on a plane and was never so happy to be trapped in a big metal sky tube!! Such a fun, sweet, touching, perfectly balanced comedy!"


"#BreakerUpperers is hilar.I love Sepa and her friends."

"@breakerupperers is so f-ing awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious New Zealand humor!!"

"Watching the #BreakerUpperers on @NetflixUK and it is amazing @breakerupperers"

".@breakerupperers is streaming on @netflix right now and if you don't watch it then you are depriving yourself of an extremely funny film by two extremely talented women who have just earned themselves one giant new superfan/stalker (sorry, ladies!)"

"Yes! yes! yes! You ladies rock! #loveyourshow #diversity."

The Breaker Upperers was co-written directed by the witty female duo, Jackie and Madeleine, and gained a four-star review in May last year.