Hayley Holt has given another superstar the "Ed Sheeran treatment", this time taking on rapper Drake.

During an 'On This Day in 2018' segment, Breakfast shared the news that Drake's song Gods Plan was number one in NZ and to celebrate, they played the song.

But never one to hold back, Hayley was quick to make her feelings about Drake's music very clear.

"They are all a bit whiny and like 'you don't like me anymore babe and I'm calling you on the phone babe, why don't you like me anymore babe,'" he said, mocking the rapper.


Her co-host Daniel Faitaua said: "This brings back some memories of Ed Sheeran…" and Jack Tame buried his face in his hands.

Holt famously spoke out against Ed Sheeran last year, calling his music 'boring' and accusing him of "trying to suck up to" New Zealand.

When asked if she regretted her statements, she replied: "I do not ... He's a legend, he doesn't need (my approval)."

She also revealed that she'd tried to resolve the issue with him personally, but: "He didn't want to meet me."

Holt co-host Jack Tame called the feud "next level".

When asked about his feud with Holt, Sheeran told TVNZ he respected the presenter's opinion.

"Not everyone's going to like my music. I don't begrudge her for that."

Let's hope Drake is as understanding!

Watch Hayley's take down of Drake on Breakfast below:

Look out Drake – Hayley just gave you her ‘Ed Sheeran treatment’.

Look out Drake – Hayley just gave you her ‘Ed Sheeran treatment’.

Posted by Breakfast on Thursday, 14 February 2019