TV presenter John Campbell has revealed he's appeared on prime time television to present the news while "tipsy".

Campbell, a news veteran who has presented current affairs radio and TV shows in New Zealand for more than 20 years, admitted to drinking on air when asked by Anika Moa on her show Unleashed.

Moa asked Campbell: "Did you ever read the news boozed, wasted or hungover to the max?"

Campbell, a roving reporter at TVNZ, replied: "Probably boozed a couple of times, but moderately tipsy rather than to the max."


The 54-year-old also explained his love of swearing, saying that "sometimes you just need to let rip".

"There are few more useful, versatile, extraordinary words than f***," explained Campbell. "There's not a situation it can't handle ... if you need to employ a single word, whether it's grief or delight or excitement, or whatever, f*** will do the trick."

During the interview, Campbell revealed his favourite music was hip-hop, declared chicken and rice as his favourite meal and said he thought he was a little overweight.

He also cracked up when Moa asked him if Jack Tame was his secret love child, and chastised the pregnant presenter for being 10 minutes late to her interview.

• Watch the full episode here (Warning: contains explicit language).