Dwayne Cameron is continuing the run of Kiwi actors working with big-name Hollywood stars on new season blockbusters.

Last week, the Herald on Sunday revealed Karl Urban was shooting steamy shirtless scenes alongside Sofia Vergara for their movie Bent in Italy. Now we can reveal Cameron, 35, will star opposite Nicolas Cage in a movie called #211, written and directed by York Alec Shackleton, who excels in the action/thriller genre.

Cameron will be playing Cage's police officer partner Steve MacAvoy, he told Spy from the set in Bulgaria.

"It's a bank heist movie in the vein of End of Watch meets Black Hawk Down. The title #211 comes from the police code for robbery in progress.


"I can't say too much. I play Nic Cage's son-in-law in the film and I am also his police partner. I am married to Cage's daughter who is played by Sophie Skelton (Outlander)," he said.

Cameron is on a roll with work. He will hit the big screen in June as Kiwi racing legend Bruce McLaren in the Roger Donaldson movie McLaren.

After writing, directing and starring in a short film called Holding the Sun in 2013, which made its premiere at Cannes, he has since written, directed, produced and starred in JUNE, which he says is a visually rich drama filmed in stunning remote South Island locations.

The JUNE cinematographer is Adam Clark who made the hit film Boy and the Oscar-nominated Two Cars, One Night.

And Cameron, a talented painter, has just finished acting in Aussie movie Nice Package — a movie filmed in Brisbane in which the actor played a tattooed dude called Frostie who has to climb through the underbelly crime circuit and deliver a package to the mafia boss.

"It's like a Guy Ritchie film with a classic Aussie slant," said Cameron.

He had his first day on set with Cage on Tuesday and the pair started filming on Thursday. With five feature films under his belt he instantly picked up on the Hollywood legend's obvious talent.

"He naturally exudes it, without any effort. He is always learning, curious, fresh, awake, alive and present in the moment. A true artist and a pleasure to work with.

"I have a lot of respect for his extensive and eclectic body of work and you can definitely sense that experience under his skin."

It wasn't lost on Cameron that fellow Kiwi actress Anna Hutchison had just starred alongside Cage in Vengeance: A Love Story.

"I've met Anna, she's lovely. Cage must like Kiwis, I guess."