A Kiwi wellness company has won the backing of Zuru toy billionaire Nick Mowbray - and an endorsement from reality mega star Khloe Kardashian.

Mowbray has teamed up with wellness expert Libby Boxall in a venture to springboard her Dose & Co products.

And this week Khloe Kardashian gave Dose & Co a double shoutout on her Instagram story to her 115 million followers.

Boxall, who is based in the US with footballer husband Michael, was half of sister duo Libby and Julia Matthews before the pair had a falling out. Now they are rivals in the wellness industry.


For Mowbray, it is adding a new Kiwi brand to his fast-growing Zuru Edge stable, which already boasts skincare, vitamins and nappies. Zuru Edge also includes "cruelty-free" haircare range Monday, created by Mowbray's partner Jaimee Lupton and fronted by supermodel Georgia Fowler.

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Monday has become so popular in NZ and Australia the brand says supermarkets are struggling to keep up, though Lupton was last week forced to defend criticism that silicone was damaging customers' hair.

Mowbray told Spy that small businesses were the backbone of Kiwi entrepreneurship and Libby was the embodiment of that.

"We saw a unique opportunity to launch Dose & Co worldwide in what is one of the world's fastest-growing categories - and have major plans ahead for it."

Libby, who is soon to have her second child, has been watching the growth of her brand in NZ and Australia and hopes the partnership will help send Dose & Co international.

"I live in Minnesota and it makes me so happy to know I will soon see Dose & Co on shelves here," she says.

Meanwhile, Julia's wellness company, Two Islands, is going from strength to strength and last week she gave birth to baby boy Lenny with partner Cameron Logan.