Former reality stars Rosie Williams and Tyne-Lexy Clarson have revealed they've each been offered thousands of pounds for sex via Instagram.

Clarson 22, and Williams, 28, rose to fame after appearing on the reality series Love Island in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Speaking on the Victoria Derbyshire show, Williams said she was offered £100,000 a year (NZ $196,000), plus clothing and accessories, to become a "companion" to a man in Dubai.

Clarson revealed she was only 19 when she received her first proposal: £20,000 (NZ $39,000) to have dinner and drinks with a man.


She's slammed it as "high-end prostitution" saying it's "scary to think if they've messaged me, they've probably sent it to thousands of pretty girls on Instagram".

Clarson also revealed that following her appearance on Love Island, she was contacted by her own agency offering to pay her £50,000 ($98,000) to spend five nights in Dubai. The offer required her to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep the trip secret.

While both stars say they've rejected all offers and aren't tempted, it's a dangerous practise. Clarson pointed out there are many young influencers who may be tempted, in a bid to keep up with the pressures of portraying an opulent lifestyle.

"It's a lot of money for some people, it's life-changing amounts of money," she said.

Williams added that the issues that arise from increased media prominence is something new reality stars are never prepared for, and wants to increase conversation around it.

She said: "You're warned about trolling, you're warned that your life will change dramatically, but you're never warned that you could get bought by men.

"We either aren't in a position where we need to do it so we don't speak about it, or we've done it and we're too ashamed."