A comedian who revealed on a podcast that he had sex with a woman without consent has apologised and claimed he made the whole thing up.

In a 2014 episode of Doug Benson's podcast Getting Doug with High, Brad Williams was asked if he could share a "crazy" story from his time touring with fellow comedian Carlos Mencia.

"When we went on a tour bus together, this girl was on the bus (and she) just really wanted to sleep with Carlos," Williams said.

He went on to say that Mencia, who was married, turned off all the lights and sent Williams into the room where the girl was waiting.


"I started hooking up with the girl," Williams said on the podcast. "It went for a good 15 minutes before she realised … finally she realised she was having sex with me."

Comedian Eddie Ifft, who was also a guest on the podcast, responded to Williams by saying, "I feel like that's a rape story."

"Not in a technical sense," Williams laughed.

"I think technically it is," Ifft replied.

A clip of Williams' story on the 2014 podcast recently resurfaced online, prompting the comedian to release an apology.

"I didn't have any crazy stories, but I didn't want to say 'no' as this is a very popular podcast and I wanted to be funny, so I made up a story on the spot," Williams said in a statement on Twitter. "Unfortunately, the story was not funny at all.

"I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I regret what I said and apologise for the content of the story.

"It was an unfunny, horrible fabrication and the actions described in the story NEVER happened.


"My 'joke' contributed to rape culture. For that I am embarrassed and ashamed.

"I truly am deeply sorry for my words."

According to his website, Williams has appeared on a number of TV shows including Lights Out with David Spade, The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He has also released two comedy specials called Fun Size (2015) and Daddy Issues (2016).