Israel Adesanya has shown former All Black Israel Dagg a few moves as the Kiwi UFC champion gears up for his title defence at UFC 253 on September 27.

Adesanya, the unbeaten middleweight champion, will put his belt on the line against undefeated Brazilian challenger Paulo Costa in one of the most highly-anticipated fights in the history of the division.

As Adesanya prepares for the battle in the octagon, former All Black Dagg caught up with the Kiwi champ to talk about the fight – and even learned a few fighting tricks.

When asked about the rivalry with Costa, Adesanya said he doesn't necessarily "hate" his opponent but certainly doesn't like him.


"Hate is a strong word," Adesanya told Dagg on Sky Sport's The Breakdown. "Nothing is for the cameras. I think it's just energy. Some energies just don't mix. And that's ok. It's like oil and water."

Israel Adesanya. Photo / Photosport
Israel Adesanya. Photo / Photosport

Adesanya said he is looking forward to taking on the giant Brazillian, adding that he believes a big guy like Costa will just tire out in the octagon.

"It's just the looks [of the fight]. That's what I like about it for the casual [fan]. He's big, he's muscly, he's fast and five rounds is not something that's built for everyone. He's not built for it."

The 31-year-old fighter also sent a message to his critics.

"They keep saying hype, Israel is all hype. I embrace it, don't get me wrong, but it's like [I'm] undefeated, 19-0, and I'm the f***ing champion. This guy has fought two guys in the top 15 and you're calling me hype?"

Adesanya also showed Dagg a few fighting moves as the two Izzys had a friendly spar in the gym.

Watch the entire segment from The Breakdown above.