Scottish Premier League club Ross County now has an entire goalkeeping squad of Rosses.

In a dark year for the global game, the northern club's quiet quest to assemble a squad of Rosses is the story we all need to hear.

The club this week confirmed the loan move of Celtic keeper Ross Doohan to Ross County - a move that means the club's entire stocks of shot-stoppers will be called Ross.

Doohan, an Under 21 Scottish international, joins Ross Laidlaw and Ross Munro at Ross County - giving the club an entire squad of Rossatrons for the rest of the season.


The sheer confusion caused by the move is already clear in Ross County manager Stuart Kettlewell's statement about his team's new signing.

"We know him well as a goalkeeper," Kettlewell told BBC Scotland.

"We've seen what he's done out on loan at Ayr.

"Ross has been top of the list for us for a period of time. It's kind of been pending for three or four weeks, but it looks like it's going to get done.


"We feel he'll be a really good addition to the group and we're really looking forward to getting him in."

The fact that Kettlewell could have been talking about any number of his goalkeepers has left the internet in stitches.

The club also has a Ross Draper in the midfield and Ross Stewart playing up top in the forwards.


Fortunately for the world, Ross County's success hasn't caught on with teams like Deportivo Moron in Argentina, Fotballaget Fart in Norway or Deportivo Wanka in Peru.

You would hate to see a team of Morons, Wankas or Farts running around — but perhaps Collingwood has already beaten those clubs to the punch.