Wallabies outside back Dane Haylett-Petty has expressed his frustration at Rugby Australia's lack of clarity about potential pay cuts for players.

With the coronavirus pandemic shutting down all sport worldwide, rugby has taken a significant blow, with the Super Rugby season interrupted and the July tests and Rugby Championship matches looking increasingly likely to be postponed or cancelled.

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The struggle is significant in Australia, with Rugby Australia standing down 75 per cent of their staff until July, as the pandemic made a bad scenario even worse. In Monday's Annual General Meeting, RA declared a preliminary $9.4 million loss for the financial year, and if no rugby union is played in 2020, RA will suffer an estimated $120 million loss.


However, the Rugby Union Players' Association wants the organisation to reveal a clearer financial picture before they can hold significant discussions on player pay cuts, but Rugby Australia have refused to do so, something that has frustrated Haylett-Petty.

"We care about the game as much as anyone else," the Melbourne Rebels captain told AAP.

"We've been left out of the loop and left out of the decision making process to date … hopefully that's changing and we'll know a bit more in the next week.

"I felt like the AFL the very next day went straight to their players to sit down and talk about where they are at and how we're going to fix it … (for rugby) it's been probably over a month now.

"The players want what's best for the game and the whole game - from grassroots up to the international level.

"We are only one of the stakeholders but we feel like we can add a lot of value in the process."

Dane Haylett-Petty. Photo / Photosport
Dane Haylett-Petty. Photo / Photosport

RUPA boss Justin Harrison is disappointed that Rugby Australia is not engaging in discussions.

"We see no reasons why RA refuses to engage, despite the provision of protection under a non-disclosure agreement," Harrison said.


"At a time when governing bodies in the other major football codes have been open and transparent with their players, RA continues to refuse our requests."

Clubs could follow in the A-League's footsteps and stand down their playing groups if an agreement isn't reached in a fast enough time. A statement from RUPA laid bare the ugly breakdown in their talks.

"Australia's professional rugby players are awaiting the delivery of, and the opportunity to analyse, information detailing Rugby Australia's financial position. This has not been provided.

"The Rugby Union Players Association again emphasises the need for an open and collaborative approach from RA before we can properly understand our role in Australian rugby's restructure, for both short and long-term transformation."

Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle denied the claims, by stating the documents in question had been provided.

"We believe the information we have shared, including information on future cash projections, provides the players with enough information to develop a position," Castle said.

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