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Greg Norman is at it again.

The Aussie golf legend might need someone to take his temperature because it seems like he's getting all hot and bothered ... about himself.

The man who's given us nude photos of his (admittedly, quite impressive) 65-year-old rig, revealed plans to live to 110 and kindly offered Australia a four-point plan to combat the threat of bush fires, has now issued his response to the coronavirus crisis sweeping the world.


One thing Norman could never be accused of is lacking confidence and during this once-in-a-generation pandemic, he decided to ease people's stress levels with the greatest gift he could think of – himself.

Taking to Twitter, Norman started by posting an uplifting message. "No matter what anyone says we all can make it!" he wrote. "Sending positive vibes to all today, we WILL get through this chaos."

Fair and reasonable, right? If The Shark is keeping the faith, so can we.

But that's not all Norman's tweet said. He added: "Hope this lightens your day. Be safe, smart, and above all stay healthy."

When Norman said "this", he was referring to an ad campaign he was part of in the 1980s to promote Swan Lager.

For those too young to know about the ad, or those who have simply forgotten, Norman kindly posted a clip of his cameo on social media.

The ad is set to a song called "They said you'd never make it" – which was tweaked to fit the other celebrities used by Swan during its campaign – and tells the story of Norman proving his doubters wrong to reach the top of the golf tree.

The ad starts with Norman running out of the water after a morning surf, Baywatch style, then gazing wistfully towards the ocean. On the golf course, he's all over the shop to begin with before bouncing back to form, winning the adoration of fans and claiming the British Open.


And of course he toasts his victory with a refreshing Swan Lager. The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website

We hope Greg's feeling alright because we're not sure how exactly basking in Norman's success is supposed to help people deal with the fear of coronavirus. But the golf icon clearly thought he could help out just by being himself.

Mostly when people want to cheer themselves up on the internet then cat videos are the first port of call. Turns out that's wrong, and all we need is a little more Greg Norman in our lives.