For many of us lockdown will be a testing time.

But Gemma McCaw has challenged the rest of the country after videoing herself performing a self-isolation trick-shot challenge.

Wanting to beat the lockdown blues, McCaw, better known for her skills on the hockey field, has adapted a game of keepie uppie (or kick-ups) by introducing a rugby ball.

McCaw then videoed herself flicking the ball up before completing 25 keepie uppies - a feat even her All Black legend husband Richie would struggle to match.


"Thought I'd give the trick shot challenge a go," she wrote.

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McCaw's trick shot challenge video also featured her and Richie's daughter Charlotte, as well as Charlotte's nana in the background.

Do you believe you could or better Gemma McCaw's trick shot tally?
Do you believe you could or better Gemma McCaw's trick shot tally?

The 29-year-old's challenge has inspired others to take it up, with a number of children posting their isolation challenge videos online.

"Well done, my son is doing this challenge," one wrote.

Another said: "My son is teaching me this with a football - I managed 6 today! Can't wait to see what I achieve by the end!"

A day ago Gemma McCaw spoke out about the coronavirus lockdown asking people to obey the Prime Minister's instructions.

She said it's the right thing to do and urged everyone to look after each other and stay positive.


"It's crazy to think how much can change in a matter of days. This time last week our team were training together for Tokyo and now we're back home preparing for a lockdown.

"It's without a doubt the right thing to do and we can all do our bit and stay at home.

"I think it's important we look after ourselves and each other, stay positive and look at all the things we can do, not the things we can't! I'm looking forward to keeping fit (working out in our garage), reading, baking, learning to sew & knit properly (thanks Mum) and tackling our long to-do list around home.

"And lastly, spending precious time with Charlotte. Stay safe everyone." The Government's official Covid-19 advisory website