If you're planning on going to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo in July, you had better act fast as only a handful of ticket packages remain.

According to the New Zealand Olympic Travel (NZOT) website, several supporters packages have already sold out - 23 weeks from the games.

No longer available are the NZ Team Highlights and Finals Action packages and the Eric Murray hosted tour, which prices started from $12,995 per person.

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Still available were six Tokyo Bay event packages which ran during the opening week of the games, its prices starting from $5899 per person.

And a hosted tour by former Silver Ferns star Jenny-May Clarkson also had tickets available, with prices starting from $12,995 per person.

House of Travel, which helps run the NZOT website with the NZ Olympic Committee, commercial director Brent Thomas said demand had been "unprecedented".

Only six tour packages remained as of Friday, February 14. Photo / New Zealand Olympic Travel
Only six tour packages remained as of Friday, February 14. Photo / New Zealand Olympic Travel

"We always knew Japan would be more popular than Rio, more in demand. The issue we've always got is the limited supply of tickets," he said.

"The allocation is based on size but also performance. Certain things we have more access to because of the performance of our athletes but even then it's still quite limited.

"There has also been huge demand locally from the Japanese public so they had to keep a certain amount for them as well."

Only people living in Japan were able to purchase official tickets to Tokyo currently, with tickets to be made to foreigners in mid-May.

At present, the only tickets available to Kiwis were those on NZOT, the only authorised seller of Olympic tickets in New Zealand.


Hopeful-Olympic games attendees were encouraged by Thomas to register on the NZOT website as tickets could open up closer to the date.

"While there is a limited number now, that's not to say we won't get hand-backs from other countries and or allocations that were for the Japanese public," he said.

"We have an expectation of where the demand from the New Zealand public will be and we keep submitting to the organisers of the Olympics to ask for more tickets and if they become available we can pass them on to that waitlist."

The Olympic Games would run between July 24 and August 9, with more than 11,000 athletes set to descend upon Tokyo.

Around 200 of those would be from New Zealand, with the Kiwi athletes competing across 20-odd sports each vying for a medal.

It would also be the second time the games would be held in Tokyo - Sir Peter Snell won gold medals on the athletics track in 1964 at the first.

Snell, regarded as one of New Zealand's greatest Olympians, won the 800m and 1500m in Tokyo after winning the 800m at the 1960 Rome games.

He died late last year at his home in Dallas after years of heart problems, aged 80.