The American Magic syndicate has released stunning new video footage of their America's Cup test boat capsizing.

The New York Yacht Club's American Magic posted the video on Instagram of the "close encounter with the mast" by pilot Daniel Morris.

The AM38 test boat, known as the Mule, is half the size of the AC75 racing boats set to be used in the 36th America's Cup.

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Some footage of the Mule capsizing emerged last year, with skipper Dean Barker admitting that there would be some "hard learnings" to come.

"The dynamic of it is very different from the catamarans which is a great challenge, and from a competitive standpoint you enjoy the challenge of learning what the boat is all about and how it behaves and all the things that it likes to do and doesn't like to do," the Kiwi former Team NZ skipper said.

"You learn the hard way at times but it's also very rewarding when things start to come together."

In September last year, the U.S. challenger officially named and launched their new 75-foot foiling monohull named Defiant.

The NYYC are expected to be one of Team New Zealand's main challengers to the America's Cup title in 2021, and according to outspoken former winner Jimmy Spithill, are one of only teams apart from the Kiwi side who are "looking good".

This week, Spithill – who rejoined Italian Challenger of record Luna Rossa – claimed Team New Zealand are "well ahead" of their international rivals heading into Auckland 2021, but said he felt the New York Yacht Club's American Magic were "going really well, their manoeuvres look good".

"Right now I'd say the Kiwis are well ahead of the other teams," Spithill told Shirley Robertson on her sailing podcast.

"You can't deny that fact. They are on the race course, doing laps. Doing race laps and doing really good."


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The teams are currently preparing for the first leg of the America's Cup World Series, which gets underway in Cagliari, Sardinia, in late April.

It will be the first time teams race their AC75s in a competition setting and, while teams are expected to launch their second race boats later in the year, will give an indication as to where each team is at in preparations for the 2021 America's Cup in Auckland.