'About six inches between the two bowls, so there is just room,' were the words of England's Greg Harlow as his partner Nick Brett approached a shot.

Harlow's words were met with laughter by the audience at the World Indoor Bowls Championships.

However, what followed was a stunning piece of skill, as Brett produced a spectacular shot sliding between the two red balls surrounding the jack.

The English duo went on to win the tie with Scotland's Paul Foster and Alex Marshall 10-6, 6-8, 2-1.


Commentator David Corkill remarked: "The way Greg asked him to play that you'd think he was three feet away from it."

When Nick released his bowl along the green it looked a mile off. Until suddenly it started to curl towards the waiting jack and the crowd fell silent.

Corkill went on: "Well he's very close to splitting the two red balls and getting to the jack. That's what the target is." And, in a move that seemed impossible just seconds earlier, the bowl rolled elegantly in between the tight gap - making perfect contact with the jack.

The amazed commentator then said: "Oh look at this. That is ridiculous. That is just so good it is ridiculous. What a ball. That was outrageous."

The crowd erupted into applause as the bowl stopped and a clearly relieved Brett watches on, probably in amazement at his own abilities.