Toronto may have lost their NBA game to San Antonio yesterday, but Kyle Lowry made sure his son had something to smile about.

During the game, Lowry took a hard hit landing on the baseline just in front of where his family were seated.

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Before returning to the court, Lowry quickly bent over the crowd to give his son a kiss on the cheek.


Footage of the adorable moment has since circulated on social media, melting the hearts of NBA fans worldwide.

"This the type of content I love to see," one twitter use commented, while another wrote, "Cute!!"

Meanwhile, some fans compared the video of Lowry to the awkward kiss between NFL legend Tom Brady and his then 10-year-old son John "Jack" Edward Thomas from 2018.

In a scene from the third part of his docuseries called Tom vs. Time, Brady was seen kissing his son on the mouth, sparking a heated debate on Twitter about whether or not it was appropriate.

"Good thing he doesn't open mouth kiss his son like Brady," one user commented.

"Tom Brady would've called a full timeout to kiss his son," another wrote.