New TV footage shows Australian opener David Warner should have been one run short in his historic first innings score of 335 in the second test against Pakistan.

The cricket world was divided when Aussie captain Tim Paine declared Australia's innings with Warner stranded on 335. Some commentators wanted Warner to have a chance to chase the records set by Brian Lara (400) and Matthew Hayden (380) while others wanted Warner to pay legend Sir Donald Bradman the ultimate honour by finishing his innings on 334 not out.

Former Aussie captain Mark Taylor also reached 334 not out before declaring his innings overnight.

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For all the criticism levelled at Paine and Warner, it turns out Warner's innings actually did end on 334.

Fox Cricket on Monday night showed extraordinary vision of Warner failing to make his ground when strolling through for a single when on his way towards 300 runs on the second day of play.

David Warner was a run short. Photo / Supplied/
David Warner was a run short. Photo / Supplied/

The video footage shown on Fox Cricket's Cricket 360 shows a leading edge off Warner's blade trickled down towards the ropes at third man — only to pull up less than one metre short of the boundary.

The live broadcast then cut back to Warner reaching the non-striker's end where his front foot swings across the crease in the air before landing back down on the wrong side of the line.

The footage suggests the umpires should have called one short on Warner on the spot, in a move that would likely have seen Warner's innings finish side by side with Bradman and Taylor.

Warner reached 335 when scoring a single from the final ball of the over when Paine called his troops in — it could instead be remembered as the moment Warner joined Bradman and Taylor in the 334-run club and all three of them shared the No 10 overall highest score in the history of test cricket.

David Warner's foot never touches grass on the other side of the crease. Photo / Supplied/
David Warner's foot never touches grass on the other side of the crease. Photo / Supplied/

The footage was introduced by Cricket 360 host Gerard Whateley and it left Aussie cricket commentator Robert Craddock dumbfounded.

"I was on radio today and there are those in your camp, that he should have gone for 400 (runs)," Whateley said.


"And there are those in the camp that he shouldn't have gone past 334.

"So we went back through what took place around Warner's 250. I just want to remind you of this moment and see how this fits in with what we've been through with Warner.

"Here's Warner. Oh. Oh. That's one short. Warner made 334."

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Craddock said the footage could "change history".

"I am staggered. Gee, you've kept that quiet," Craddock said.

"So he does share it (with Bradman and Taylor).

"A correction of the score. This will change history.

"I am staggered by that. Triple treat. Three on the one number. I can't believe it."