Could this be the new Crusaders logo set to be revealed this afternoon?

The image, which appears to have a Maori inspired design, is on the publicly available Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand website.

It is part of a trademark currently under examination and is owned by New Zealand Rugby Union Inc.

The Crusaders and New Zealand Rugby will reveal the new Crusaders brand this afternoon, which has been a nationwide source of debate since the March 15 shootings at two Christchurch mosques.


Many felt the name 'Crusaders' was inappropriate after the attacks, since it comes from 'the Crusades' - a series of religious wars in the Middle Ages between Christians and Muslims.

Two other versions of the logo submitted by NZ Rugby.
Two other versions of the logo submitted by NZ Rugby.

NZR and the Crusaders will hold a press conference at Rugby Park at noon to reveal what the team will be called from 2021 and the new logo to replace the one already scrapped by the Crusaders.

Regardless of the decision made today, the "Crusaders" name will remain in 2020, the final year before Super Rugby re-launches as a 14-team competition and the expiry of the Crusaders' current license agreement with NZR.

However, if the new image is the team's new logo, the Crusaders text could imply they will stick with the Crusaders name in the long run.