To quote that wise old tennis superstar from the 70s/80s John McEnroe, "yeeeew caaan't be seeeerious".

New Zealand Rugby have invited 26 separate applicants to potentially become the next All Blacks coach. What an embarrassment.

How many of those could realistically coach our team? Six at most? I'm hoping they've asked the Mid Canterbury U-19 reserve team assistant to apply because that person should be genuinely upset if they haven't.

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Once again, like almost everything they touch, NZR have way over thought the process.
K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.


Reality is this is a contest between two differing philosophies, those being 'continuity' or 'fresh ideas' with most people compartmentalising all the candidates into one of those camps.

Is NZ Rugby having a laugh? Photo / Photosport
Is NZ Rugby having a laugh? Photo / Photosport

The question I have: is it possible for the incumbent(s) to bring fresh ideas themselves to the interview, then combine those with what's already an excellent proven
record? And if your answer to that is "no", then you've just ignored Steve Hansen's claim to the top job 10 years ago.

And as for these calls (SBW inspired) that the next coach should be Māori or Polynesian
or our first female leader of the ABs or whatever, how about we stop all that silliness right now and remember this is the All Blacks and the ONLY important thing is not what the person is but who the person is. In terms of all the candidates we simply want the best. Or is it me that has now lost
the plot?

But back to the 26. Again, utter idiocy. There isn't 26 people capable of coaching the All Blacks on the planet. Trust NZR to over think it. Not like them to over complicate
the process is it?