Any golfer will tell you that there is a certain satisfaction to hitting a great shot, but Aussie golf legend Greg Norman has gone one step further in describing the feeling.

Speaking to Men's Health magazine, Norman admitted that he has been forced to put his clubs down after a long career left his body badly damaged, but also made some startling claims about what might have kept him in the sport so long.

The man they call "The Shark" told the magazine that hitting a "pure" gold shot was "as good as having an orgasm".

"I'm deadly serious, there's an absolute rush. The rotation of your body, the timing, the feel, the sound, the end results, the visual side of the ball taking off from the club face ... it's just such a sensual feeling," he said.


Norman went on to say that after hitting more than five million golf balls over a long career he had been left on a cocktail of medications to manage his pain and had undergone 13 surgeries.

Since walking away from golf and concentrating on his recovery he has been able to quit the painkillers.

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The 64-year-old hopes to have a long and healthy life and told Men's Health that he felt as young as ever.

"I've been very open about the fact I want to be the longest-living Norman. And the Normans have some really good genes. On my mother's side, it's 90s and 100s. My dad is 93 this year. I'd like to hit 108, 100," he said.

A focus on wellness has also led the Aussie legend to launch a new range of cannabis-infused products aimed at soothing tired bodies.

Norman has partnered with Green Growth brands to launch gels and rubs infused with CBD with Green Growth Brands CEO Peter Horvath saying in a release that Norman was the "perfect athlete" to collaborate with.

"He has a clear vision when it comes to the future of CBD and sports."