The spectre of New Zealand's painful Cricket World Cup disappointment has returned as the All Blacks prepare for their Rugby World Cup semifinal against England; do Steve Hansen's men know the rules in the event of a tied game? Yes, is the short answer, and Scott Barrett is, sort of, putting his hand up for a role.

It's unlikely, but it could come down to a kicking competition in Yokohama on Saturday. Would that be fairer than what happened during the cricket final between the Black Caps and England at Lord's in July? Most would say yes, including the ICC, who have since changed the rule.

To recap, and at the risk of reopening old wounds, England won on a boundary count back 26-19 after the super over was tied after both sides scored 241 runs each. Under the new protocols the super overs keep coming until there's a winner.

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In the event of a draw in a Rugby World Cup knockout match, 20 minutes of extra time is played, then an extra 10 minutes of sudden death (first points win), and, failing that, it goes to a kicking competition – five players from each team (who were on field at final whistle) and then sudden death after that if they still can't be separated.

Assuming Richie Mo'unga, Beauden Barrett, Jordie Barrett and TJ Perenara are on the field at the end, they will be candidates with the tee. George Bridge could possibly have a crack. And then it could go to the forwards.

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"Look, I think it's unlikely it will be decided by that," coach Steve Hansen said. "Have we prepared for it? Yes would be the answer to that question - you'd be foolish if you didn't prepare for it - but I'd be highly surprised that, after 80 minutes, and an extra 10 minutes each way and then an extra 10 minutes … someone hasn't scored some points. But funnier things have happened haven't they?"

Told that's probably what the cricketers assumed too, Hansen said: "That's right, but I don't think they got the cricket one right, really."

Brodie Retallick shows off his kicking skills at a training session during the 2015 World Cup. Photosport
Brodie Retallick shows off his kicking skills at a training session during the 2015 World Cup. Photosport

Sam Whitelock said: "I can't say I've thought about it much this week until you brought it up then. It was a pretty amazing game to watch. Obviously we weren't the happiest with the result but I saw a few of the cricket boys afterwards and they were pretty excited about how close they got.

"They know that hopefully when New Zealand do get to win that cricket World Cup they've set it up for generations to follow. It was pretty humbling to talk to them afterwards; how their mindset was after obviously a pretty close loss.

"We don't have to bowl a super over or anything like that but we'll make sure throughout the week that we know the different processes and protocols and rules about what potentially can happen if it's a draw."

Scott Barrett, sitting alongside Whitelock was asked about his kicking ability. "Not me," he said. "Depending on injuries, I'd say there would be a few backs who would back themselves.


But then: "We'd probably have to be pretty short, but out of the forwards, yeah, I'd back myself."

There were was another revelation from Scott, one of three Barrett boys in the squad here.

"This week I'm actually rooming with Beaudy for the first time since 2002 when he was in the top bunk in the farm cottage," he said. "It's quite nice to have a key driver of our game in the room to chat about stuff ahead of this game. We're considering it as a final – we have to to earn the right for another week."

"It is massive," Whitelock said as the conversation turned a little more serious. "It will be one of the biggest games that us as players will be involved in, so how exciting is that to be a part of?"

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