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Kiwi UFC star Israel Adesanya has sent the rumour mill into overdrive by purchasing a $600,000 sportscar on Monday - and claiming to have left it a mangled wreck just two days later.

The 30-year-old Nigerian-born fighter has been living it up since his dramatic middleweight title win over Robert Whittaker earlier this month.

Adesanya, who is believed to have pocketed almost $800,000 for knocking out Whittaker in the second round of UFC243 in Melbourne, has been flaunting his recently acquired riches on Instagram, treating himself to a new car.


But not just any car.

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Adesanya dropped in excess of half-a-million dollars on an orange 2019 McLaren 720s spider - announcing on Instagram that he was "overcompensating" by buying the car.

According to the AA, this model is valued at between $475,000 and $600,000.

It features twin-hinged dihedral doors and goes from 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds.

On Wednesday Adesanya, known by the moniker "Stylebender", sent his more than 1.6 million followers into a frenzy by posting a picture to his Instagram story of a crashed McLaren of the same model and colour with the caption "F***!! ... Oh well...".

However, it seems as if though Adesanya got the last laugh, with the picture turning out to be of a similar car crashed in the UK.

Earlier Adesanya, who took home a reported US$490,000 (NZ$780,000) from the Whittaker win, could be seen flaunting his money on social media.

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He announced shortly after his fight Down Under that he intends to be an active champion taking fights when he can - including a potential future title defence in New Zealand.