England's 6-0 win against Bulgaria came to a halt twice after two players were targeted by crowd members' appalling racist salutes.

Manchester City star Raheem Sterling was booed every time he made contact with the ball and Tyrone Mings was targeted with disturbing monkey noises by crowd members.

Other spectators, dressed all in black, were captured doing Nazi salutes throughout the game.

Bulgarian fans gesture. Photo / Getty Images
Bulgarian fans gesture. Photo / Getty Images

The game was stopped for five minutes after Mings made a complaint to the referee and an announcement went out around the grounds that the game would be suspended again or even stopped if the chanting continued.


Minutes before half time, the game came to a stop again. Bulgarian captain, Ivelin Popov, was seen arguing with home supporters during the two-minute break to get them to stop chanting like a monkey.

During the half-time break, ITV pundits Ian Wright, Lee Dixon and Roy Keane spoke out about the sick abuse.

Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane. Photo / Getty Images
Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane. Photo / Getty Images

Dixon said: "Their coach is there with his hands out — this has to be stamped out. Gareth is going right down the line with this, as he should do."

"You feel sick to your stomach. It's horrible. Physically sick listening to that," Keane added.

Wright continued to go on: "That says everything you need to know about UEFA."

"We're looking at a stadium where half of it is closed with banners. They've done nothing."

"That's the extent of what they feel they've done to combat racism in this country."

"We've seen a set of people there that have got no respect, are not bothered about it. It just goes to show UEFA for what they are."

Tyrone Mings of England. Photo / Getty Images
Tyrone Mings of England. Photo / Getty Images

"It's a terrible day for the Bulgarian people and how they're represented."

"But it's a great day in respect of tackling racism because we can see over that stand with those banners that mean nothing.

"What we've seen is a set of fans that do not care and need educating. And that's what's got to happen."

"As a black player, we've heard it for many years about walking off and it's something that you do not want to do."

"You want the white players to do that for you so you can go off together because you're a team together. When you do that and you can see how powerful it is, it can do something," Wright concluded.

UEFA has a three-step protocol for dealing with racism throughout matches.

Firstly, the referee asks the stadium announcer to demand supporters stop.

If the racism continues, the referee can take the players into the dressing room while a public announcement is made.

If the above does not stop the abuse, the match will then be abandoned.