NRL star Shaun Johnson has admitted his move to the Cronulla Sharks hasn't gone as smoothly as he'd hoped.

Johnson left the Warriors to join the Sharks at the end of last season after being released from his two-year million-dollar deal with the Auckland club.

Speaking to 1 News from Sydney today, the former Warriors playmaker reflected on his first season across the ditch.

"It probably hasn't gone as smooth as what I'd hoped, to be honest," he said. "I would have liked to have had a fully fit season - come in, hit the ground running - but it hasn't been that way for me.

Shaun Johnson's first season with the Sharks has been riddled with injury. Photo / Photosport
Shaun Johnson's first season with the Sharks has been riddled with injury. Photo / Photosport

"It's sort of been a bit of a slow burner and built throughout the season."

Last weekend Johnson suffered a last-minute quad injury that ruled him out of the Sharks game against the Raiders – just a few months on from injuring his hamstring.

Despite the frustrating setbacks, Johnson said he had so far enjoyed the move to the Sharks and carried no regret over leaving the Warriors.

"I'm really enjoying the area, the community and the club's been great, the players are awesome," he said.

"I have Kayla [Cullen] over here now. Everything is starting to line up, which is nice."

Last month, Johnson and fiancé Cullen opened up on their relationship and furthering their sporting careers together across the ditch.

Shaun Johnson and Kayla Cullen. Photo / Photosport
Shaun Johnson and Kayla Cullen. Photo / Photosport

, Johnson spoke of the heartbreak he felt leaving Cullen behind at the time.

"It's so easy for people just to see me moving teams and talk about stuff like I no loyalty and all the negative stuff around 'why'd you leave?' and 'you don't care about the club,'" Johnson said.


"But that's not even the biggest part of leaving. Having to leave family and having to leave Kayla, that was the gut-wrencher."

Cullen has since joined Johnson in Australia and is playing for the New South Wales Swifts as a temporary replacement in the Super Netball league.

Johnson is set to represent New Zealand at the International Nines that kick off at Bankwest Stadium, Parramatta, on Friday, October 18.