It's taken them 16 years, but the Black Caps are set to - finally - complete a Cricket World Cup game against India.

Having not played against India at a World Cup since 2003 - and with rain washing out their group stage clash in Nottingham last month - the wait went on for New Zealand and Indian fans to see their sides finish a game on ODI cricket's biggest stage.

Rain hampered their semifinal showdown in Manchester today, with just 46.1 overs able to be bowled, and the Black Caps moving through to 211-5.

Fortunately though, a reserve day was scheduled for such an eventuality, meaning that the two sides will return to complete the remaining 3.5 overs of New Zealand's innings, and India's subsequent chase.


And yes - it does look like the weather will stay away.

After rain hit from 2.00pm-7.00pm in Manchester, the skies cleared at night, and look set to stay clear enough for cricket come tomorrow.

Cloudy conditions are forecast for most of the day - a slim chance of a brief light shower early in the afternoon the only potential hazard - with the Met Office forecasting no more than a 10 per cent chance of rain at any point throughout the day.

That's a significant boost from two days ago, where it looked like the reserve day would be more likely to be impacted by rain than the game day itself.

However, it seems like overcast conditions will again be on display, though with potentially more sun peeking through than today, and not much wind on the horizon.

The Black Caps bowlers will be hoping for similar conditions to those enjoyed by their Indian counterparts today, with their best chance of victory likely to come in conditions conducive to swing bowling.

However, they'll just be happy to take the park, as if the forecast is wildly wrong, and a game can't be completed, then India will progress to the final as top qualifier from the group stage.

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