Netball Australia yesterday announced that Maria Folau's support of her husband, who seems to care very deeply about what other men do in the bedroom, is all a-okay by them as it doesn't technically break any rules.

Over the prettier side of the Tasman ... nothing. Netball New Zealand is yet to make a statement regarding the Silver Ferns star.

"And why would they?" some will ask.


One of the answers to that question is in Maria Folau's social media numbers and the undeniable influence she has on young New Zealanders and how they think.

She hasn't just been a silent accomplicit to Folau's hateful statements - she's shared them too, in what are actions of clear support.

Maria Folau hasn't left anyone wondering whether she agrees with her husband - that much is clear.

There is no doubt she's standing right by her husband who thinks tattoos are ok but loving someone of the same gender will send you to hell.

She hasn't been a silent wife sitting on the sidelines of her husband's fight. She's actively signalled her support. She's displayed that support in multiple ways. On Instagram, for example, where she has nearly 88,000 followers, she's shared his posts and has his website listed where her website could be. Her dedication to his beliefs is clear.

What's not clear is what an institution like Netball New Zealand thinks of one of their biggest stars' statements.

Maria Folau will be back in New Zealand this week as the Silver Ferns kick off their preparation for the World Cup.

Netball, much like sports in general, does a whole lot of good for communities up and down New Zealand. But not thanks to players endorsing hateful messages and spreading divising, unkind opinions.


Netball NZ has a bunch of sponsors that it probably doesn't want to upset but it also has about 140,000 registered members who deserve a public statement.

We know what Maria Folau endorses. What does Netball NZ endorse?