The last remnants of Lancaster Park will soon disappear as the demolition of Lancaster Park's two main stands nears completion.

The park's $12 million demolition started in stages last year when anything of value was stripped out and sold. The Tui stand was also taken down, along with two large walkway ramps and the roofs over the Paul Kelly and Deans stands.

The main demolition contractor, Auckland-based company Yakka, started work on the stands in March.

This 'haunting' photo taken by Jared Wilson of the main stand at sunset struck a chord with many on social media today.


The demolition is thought to be New Zealand's biggest and involves the removal of 68,000 cubic metres of material above the ground and about 30,000m3 below the ground, totalling almost 100,000m3.

About 4000 truck loads of concrete will be removed from the site. Some of the material will go to a private developer for a project in North Canterbury and some will be trucked to Lyttelton Port for its reclamation project.

The demolition was originally expected to cost $20m, but that has since been revised to $12m.