Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson didn't know what else he could do but apologise when he hit a fan with a wayward shot during the penultimate round at the US Open.

But an apology wasn't what the spectator wanted, and instead, he hilariously got asked for a selfie.

Stenson's tee shot missed the fairway, landing in the second cut before he pulled an 8-iron and attempted his approach shot.

Henrik Stenson plays a shot from the second tee. Photo / Getty
Henrik Stenson plays a shot from the second tee. Photo / Getty

As soon as he hit it though, he knew it was heading straight for the fans standing behind the green.


"It was a semi-shank, it wasn't a full one," Stenson said. "But it was a nice flight out to the right, shot it forward, but they can't see anything, I can't see where it's going either, and clipped the guy right in the forehead."

As the ball struck down an unsuspecting fan in the forehead, Stenson quickly approached the crowd to say sorry before things took a funny turn.

"I said 'I'm sorry.' What else can you say?" Stenson said. "Next thing, I'm down on the ground, as well, taking a picture, a selfie, laying down with him and his girlfriend."

A video of the selfie being taken has since circulated social media with many hailing Stenson as a "great character".

Stenson said he had since checked in with USGA officials on how the fan was doing.

"I asked for his details so I can contact him at a later date and check up on him," he said. "I might send him more than just one golf ball next time. I might send him a couple dozen or something to try to make up for my poor shot."

Stenson finished up bogeying 16 and finishing with a 1-under 70.

His final round wasn't much better -