Open-top bus parades are one of the best ways top football clubs can celebrate success with their fans.

More than 750,000 supporters turned out for Liverpool's parade earlier this month when they took out the Champions League final over Tottenham.

But the celebratory tradition isn't being limited to the professionals anymore.

A Sunday League football team Duckpond FC, who were formed in Essex in 2011, forked out £4,000 (NZD$7,760) on a bus after finishing top of the table in the Colchester and District League.


The bus drove through the streets of Harwich as the team celebrated on top with a massive banner which read: "We conquered all of Essex, we're never gonna stop".

And as if the parade wasn't enough, the team even arranged a plane to fly a banner which read: "Duckpond FC Champions of Essex".

Duckpond FC player-manager Michael Hammond told BBC News they 'wanted the world to know they won'.

"We've won all the divisions now - we're officially the best Sunday League team in Essex," Hammond said.

"Grassroots football is dying, so many teams are folding or have quit.

"But it's on days like this you realise it's not the level of football but the passion and commitment."

Duckpond FC won 15 out of 16 matches this season and also secured the Fowler Memorial Cup after beating Harts FC 3-0.