WARNING: Contains graphic content.

A gruesome video has captured the moment a bull gets brutal revenge on a matador by thrusting his horn right up the man's backside, leaving him with a 10-inch wound to the rectum.

The injury was so severe it could have killed French matador Juan Leal.

Leal had been taunting the bull on the ring in Madrid with his red cape when the animal decided it was time for a bit of good old-fashioned payback.


The crowd screamed in horror as the animal charged towards Leal and impaled him with his right horn, lifting the bullfighter clean off the ground before the matador crashes back down in agony.

As two other men raced to distract the animal, Leal leapt back up to his feet, grabbed his butt and hobbled away, with his pants ripped and stained with blood.

However, the man continued the fight. Video shows him eventually holding up the bull's ear to cheers from the crowd.

He was later carried out on a stretcher, visibly in pain.

According to the surgeon who treated Leal, a bone in his sacrum kept the horn from going up any further and killing him.

"I cannot explain how he could continue to fight and kill the bull, because a normal person, with such a wound, cannot walk," doctor Máximo García Leirado told Mundotoro.

Leal is expected to make a full recovery.