A sports podcaster has filmed himself burning his Wallabies jersey and posted it to Facebook, in protest at Israel Folau's sacking.

The podcaster behind the MVPodcast set his Wallabies jersey on fire in a display of support for Folau.

"I have a been a Wallabies fan for 25 years, always found a way to defend them despite the zero success Rugby Australia has had for years," he wrote alongside the video, on Facebook.

"Haven't seen a World Cup Championship since 1999, haven't seen the Bledisloe since 2002. Somehow I found a way to defend and support them.


"I can no longer defend them after the Israel Folau sacking. Israel Folau, one of my all-time favourite players, can no longer make a living off of rugby, while others who have broken LAWS continue to play! Rugby Australia is a joke, and this whole situation is just getting started," he added.

"Israel Folau quoted a bible verse on his Instagram which has ultimately cost him his career with Australia. A career lost because of social media."

The podcaster posted a video of himself setting his jersey on fire. Photo / Facebook
The podcaster posted a video of himself setting his jersey on fire. Photo / Facebook

The video has had more than 29,000 views in 17 hours.

In the comments, many supported his stance and joined in the support for Folau, who was sacked by Rugby Australia yesterday.

"Lost my support for the wallabies," a Facebook user commented.

Not everyone agreed: "I can never hate on a country that has given so much to me and especially islanders for the last century," another Facebook user said. "Wish the best of luck for Folau but as a role model to youth, he should've had more human decency to know it would affect others. I have an unpopular opinion but that's life, you guys can be a hypocrite and hate if you want lol."