Tiger Woods is a sitter for lists of finest sporting comebacks after his Masters triumph, a mere 11 years after his last major victory and well into his 40s.

There has been a lot of water runder the bridge since then, and not a lot of it good. But sport is littered with similar feats.

Jack Nicklaus - golf

Unlike Tiger, no one gave Jack a chance in the 1986 Masters. The Golden Bear was being called the Olden Bear.


His victory was considered golf's undisputed finest comeback, until today.

Aged 46, the player with the greatest major record in history hadn't won a tournament in two years. He hadn't won a major in six years. Had missed three recent cuts. The desire wasn't what it one was.

But once he got in a position to win, it all came back 24 years after winning his first major. He shot 30 on the final nine holes.

His surprise 18th major title has made it just a little bit harder for Tiger Woods to catch up.

Michael Jordan - basketball
The basketball genius tried minor league baseball for a couple of year then came back to his true calling and won three more titles straight with his beloved Chicago Bulls.

Kim Clijsters - tennis
The Belgium star quit in 2007, having had a baby the year before. She returned in 2009, quickly won a US Open, and was the world number one again by 2011.

George Foreman - boxing

Maybe the most improbable comeback of all. Big, bad, mean George Foreman quit in 1977, after becoming world champ by beating Joe Frazier and losing the belt in the famous Zaire fight against Muhammad Ali. He returned in 1994 as a far more loveable figure and at the age of 45 he won the world title against Michael Moorer, wearing the same red trunks he used in the defeat to Ali.


Dan Carter - rugby

All Black star Carter's 2011 World Cup tournament was wrecked by injury. Things didn't go all that great before the 2015 tournament, or even during it. But he was named man of the match as New Zealand beat Australia in the Twickenham final.

Lindsey Vonn - skiing

Lindsey Vonn, Turin 2006. Photo / Getty Images
Lindsey Vonn, Turin 2006. Photo / Getty Images

Tiger's ex was helicoptered off a Turin mountain in the 2006 Olympics, after a horror crash. She competed two days later and went on to win gold at the 2010 Olympics, despite along list of dreadful injuries.

Babe Didrikson Zaharias - golf
Maybe this is golf's finest comeback. The legendary American sportswoman won the US Open by a massive 12-strokes a year after 1954 surgery on colon cancer.