Episode 50 can you believe it? We can't - especially considering our commitment issues.

In celebration, we have two very special guests to talk about two very different things, one of those being a great hope of the New Zealand freeskiing scene, Sam Lee.

During the Freeride World Tour preseason in France, Lee shattered his leg into, for lack of a better word, smithereens. The world's elite-most big mountain skiing tour undoubtedly requires an extreme amount of danger. For the Kiwi skier that all went wrong on this day - if you're squeamish "harden up", says Louis. (7:15)

Warning: May contain some coarse language and adult themes, recommended to ages 18+

Furthermore, we caught up with an old friend of the podcats and CEO of the Auckland Racing Club, Paul Wilcox.

Wilcox stops in again to update us on their busy summer carnival and if there is real energy back around racing. He also gives some tips on a stacked Auckland Cup day field at Ellerslie this Saturday. (27:50)

Finally, would it be a real Stoked celebration if we didn't get stuck into a good healthy dose of Eco Shaming? No. Also, some general rambling.


Cheers ae, we love making this thing - STAY STOKED!

In case you didn't know we're actually coming at you with episode 50 of the series, (we know you knew, you're an intelligent Stoked listener). If this one tickles your fancy you can catch the backlog on Apple podcasts here, and iHeartRadio here.