Bodybuilding icon and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has hailed a young weightlifter with cerebral palsy as his "new hero".

Miles Taylor, who suffers the neurological disorder that affects his muscles and movements, stunned social media after a video of him deadlifting 90kg, more than double his weight, went viral.

The video was shared by Taylor on his Instagram account with a caption: "200lb deadlift at 99lb!! More than double me bodyweight!!! HECK YEAH! A huge thank you to my coach for always being by my side and teaching how to hitch!!"

The footage racked up 330,000 views in two days on Taylor's account before skyrocketing on ESPN's Twitter account, where it has since been watched more than six million times.


It didn't take long for the video to catch Schwarzenegger's attention either, who shared it with his 4.25 million followers along with the caption: "I have a new hero.

The Terminator's page has since been flooded by comments from fans, all in awe of the young athlete's achievement.

"What an inspiration!! More power to him," one user wrote, while another commented: "Little things in life. Inspire a whole generation. Bravo".

Taylor, who remarkably only took up the sport a year ago, thanked everyone for their support on Instagram yesterday.

"The past couple days have been joyfully overwhelming! Thank y'all so much for the love and support! But this is only the beginning. I'm on a mission to take the "dis" out of disability because we all have ABILITY to achieve anything that we put our heart and mind to and "dis" can't stop us!" he wrote.