Richie McCaw overcame a difficult opening day to finish strong in the Coast to Coast two-men tandem with partner Rob Nichol – but he is itching to do it again and do it right.

After not feeling his best yesterday, the All Black great showcased the famous grit and determination he showed during his rugby days to end the day, along with Nichol, in fourth in the open men's category, improving on their sixth place after the end of day one.

"I was pretty average yesterday but luckily woke up feeling a bit better and yeah, we actually had a reasonable day, didn't we," McCaw said after crossing the finish line.

"I found it hard yesterday for extra reasons but I guess it just whets your appetite. You do something like this then you go 'I could do this and that better', and that's what it's all about."


The duo crossed the finish line on day two – which included a kayaking stage – with a time of 14:49:29.

McCaw admitted that the two-day race took a big toll on him, but said it felt good to finally finish the taxing event.

"To be honest I felt just as bad walking as I did running so I was like might as well keep trying – one foot in front of the other.

"People say do you enjoy this stuff, and sometimes you don't, but it's actually getting to this point, standing here, and the real sense of achievement you get."

Nichol, who is a more experienced multisport competitor and adventure racer than McCaw, was also keen to do the event again – such is the competitive nature of both athletes.

"Because we had a tough day yesterday, we didn't nail it," said Nichol. "So we're both characters where things gnaw away at us, and whether we do the Coast to Coast tandem again or whether we go out by ourselves and do the damn thing and do it smoothly, who knows.

"But it's itching at me already."

"Yeah, I know," said McCaw in agreement.