Twenty polo teams brought more than 300 horses to Hastings for this year's Dewar Cup,
won by the Hawke's Bay Polo Club which is in its 125th year.

Hastings edged out the Auckland-based Morningstar team to take the cup.

Hawke's Bay Polo Club captain Jared Thompson said the club has grown.

"Seven years ago, it was down to five or six members. This year we've got 28 registered members, which is awesome, so we have the biggest growth in New Zealand polo at the moment."


He said polo everywhere had an international flavour because it was a "great way to travel".

"I have played polo in China, Barbados, Mongolia, a little bit of England.

"The polo community worldwide really likes different teams coming over and playing. So when I go to Barbados or if South Africans come here, we will give them horses to play.

"It's a great way to travel because it's like you are going on holiday and playing a sport at the same time.

"You get really well hosted by locals and give insight into the real what the real culture is like."

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