The first female to lead a men's football team in one of Germany's top leagues had a sassy response for a cheeky journalist.

Former German international, Imke Wubbenhorst, became the first female coach in the top five divisions of German football when she was drafted by club BV Cloppenberg on December 21.

It didn't take long before the media felt prompted to ask the 30-year-old some bold questions.

Weld reported that a journalist had questioned whether she should wear a siren so that players in the dressing room could hear her coming and put some pants on, to which Wubbenhorst cleverly replied, "Of course not. I am a pro. I pick (my team) on penis size".


Having previously worked as a sports teacher, Wubbenhorst said she had no issues with laying down the law.

"The topic bounces off me. I want me to be judged on the athletic performance, not on whether I'm a woman or a man," Wubbenhorst said.

"I will not have any problems with (asserting) authority. I'm a teacher."

Cloppenberg are currently at the bottom of the Lower Saxony League with 12 games to go.

Fully aware of the challenge ahead, Wubbenhort said it wasn't going to be easy but was confident in her new side's abilities.

"We only have 12 games left to stay in the division. It's going to be a tough job," she said.

"The team wants, and it has potential. That's why we're trying everything."