Coaches. The damn coach. Blame the coach. Always blame the coach.

Because if it's not his/her fault then whose is it? Here in New Zealand we love to heap it on the coach.

Case in point, Anthony Peden and Mark Hager. Two highly successful coaches both now lost to this country amid hysterical (unproven) accusations of "bullying and bad culture".

In both cases official reviews more about butt-covering the incompetence of administrators involved - but that's a story for another day.


So back to the original point, is it always the coach's fault?

If you asked Manchester United fans right now they'd definitely say "yes". Before Christmas last year the team was in dire straits. Lacklustre, lacking confidence and looking a shadow of the highly-priced squad they actually are.

Jose Mourinho, we were told, had "lost the dressing room". The team's form only ever reflecting his grumpy sulky uncooperative mood.

Then along came Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and like a modern day miracle everything seems to have instantly improved. Recent results in fact reflecting this new vibe, this renewed energy. So it was obviously never the players fault. Blame the pitch, the ref, the weather, the pressure, the media - because it's always easier to blame someone (or something) else.

So sack the coach keep the same players and it all changes for the better.

But is it really that simple though?

Or are the Silver Ferns just the exception to the rule?