Jose Mourinho was left with a million dollar hotel bill after his sacking from Manchester United.

Mourinho was fired by Manchester United overnight after failing to restore its status as a major European force in a turbulent two and a half year spell marked by clashes with players and increasing disgruntlement at the team's style of play.

During his failed tenure as United's manager, the famously self-assured Mourinho has admitted to being lazy and with his family remaining in London, chose to stay in a luxury hotel rather than find a house.

Mourinho spent 895 days in one of the Lowry Hotel's finest suites, which cost $1100 to $1470 a night depending on which report you read.


With extras, it means his bill was over $1m, although his compensation package of $28m will easily take care of that.

The United team reportedly also stayed at the hotel on some nights before home games, and team meetings were held there.

The family of the former Chelsea boss live in Belgravia, London, where his daughter goes to the London University of Arts and his son played for Fulham.

Mourinho has previously assured fans he was not living rough.

He described his hotel apartment as "fantastic" and added: "So don't feel sorry for me.

"I don't want anyone to be worried (that) I live in a two square metres room."