CCTV footage has revealed the final tragic moments of Lokomotiv Moscow footballer Aleksey Lomakin.

The 18-year-old froze to death after falling in a river in Moscow, in negative-degree weather, with reports indicating that he died of hypothermia.

Now, more information has come to light after CCTV footage emerged showing his final moments.

Lomakin is shown on video stumbling across a snowy park, before stumbling into the river. The video also shows a fox dragging his jacket, over 100 feet from the scene of his death.


Reports and witness recollections have said Lomakin was drinking with a friend, before being thrown out of a taxi and attempting to walk home. Russian news agencies have also reported claims from Lomakin's mother that he used the drug tropicamide, which may have contributed to his death.

Lomakin was an attacking midfielder who was playing in the Russian Youth Premier Liga. Lokomotiv Moscow put out a statement saying they were shocked by his death.

"FC Lokomotiv is saddened to report that Loko U21 player Alexey Lomakin has died in Moscow. The investigation is on. We are shocked by the tragedy. FC Lokomotiv would like to express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Alexey."