Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton has accused Economic Development Minister David Parker of "mischief making".

In a report by the Herald, Parker claimed that Team NZ was "cautious but not opposed" to his pending deal to house the America's Cup syndicates on Wynyard Point.

However, Dalton felt Parker had misrepresented Team NZ's position on America's Cup bases and subsequently penned an email accusing Parker of taking "liberties" with the Kiwi syndicate's position, reports Stuff.

"We are NOT 'cautious but not opposed', we are in fact and have always been in step with the Council on Halsey [Wharf] and given a forum which will no doubt eventuate sooner rather than later we will reinforce that support," Dalton wrote in an email to Auckland Council chief executive Stephen Town, according to documents obtained by Stuff.


"So please disregard that comment as a misquote at best or at worst mischief making by the minister."

Team NZ had favoured the option which would have resulted in the extension of Halsey Wharf. It initially favoured the "clustered" option, but later settled for a proposed Hobson, Wynyard, Halsey wharf split.

This week, Parker refused to comment on the situation or the nature of his current relationship with the syndicate, according to Stuff.