MMA star Khabib Nurmagomedov insists he won't attend the Nevada State Athletic Commission disciplinary hearing into his post-UFC 229 brawl.

Nurmagomedov has been ordered to attend the hearing on December 10 following the horrific events which unfolded after the Russian wrestler went toe-to-toe with Ireland's Conor McGregor last month.

Rather than celebrate the greatest victory of his career in the sport, Nurmagomedov rampaged out of the cage, sucker punched McGregor, and sent the UFC into a meltdown.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission were left to investigate the incident and have since instructed the pair to return to Nevada to learn what punishments would be given.

Conor McGregor attempts to leave the octagon in chase of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Photo / Getty
Conor McGregor attempts to leave the octagon in chase of Khabib Nurmagomedov. Photo / Getty

However, Nurmagomedov has revealed that he has no intention of attending what could be considered the most important UFC meeting of his career, defending his actions and insisting they were no worse than McGregor's rampage in Brooklyn.

"The Nevada State Athletic Commission convened because of what happened after the McGregor match," Nurmagomedov told beIN Sports. "On December 10 they will meet again and call me but I'm not going, I'm not guilty."

"I started the fight and I finished as a man … They will punish the initiator I won the fight in the rules. After the fight I showed him that what he did before the fight would not be unrequited."

The Nevada commission said it would issue heavy punishments if either Nurmagomedov or McGregor failed to attend the hearing, potentially barring them from ever fighting in Las Vegas again.

Last month Floyd Mayweather said a money-spinning bout with Nurmagomedov "was happening" but insisted any fight with the mixed martial arts great would have to take place in the boxing ring.

On Thursday, UFC president Dana White revealed that he had a meeting in Los Angeles this week with Mayweather's representatives about a potential showdown but said he was extremely hesitant to believe it would happen.