An NRL staff member has apologised for racist comments made during last Saturday's historic league test between Tonga and Australia.

The NRL investigated claims made by DJ Alf 'Al'Goodie' Aholelei that "an official in an NRL Polo shirt" made the comment "Dance Monkey Dance" while a dance camera of the stadium's big screen was showing Tongan fans.

"My ears, my mind and my heart could not ignore the ignorance any more and I turned to this man and said, 'Did you just say, Dance Monkey Dance'? Really?" Aholelei posted on Facebook.

"In three words this guy reduced my people to an animal that in some countries suffer cruel acts of abuse by being chained up, physically harmed and being told to 'Dance'."


Aholelei also claimed that another NRL official had made several comments during the game, suggesting that Tongan fans could be violent towards Australian supporters.

Concluding the investigation yesterday, the NRL told Radio New Zealand that Aholelei had accepted an apology and that the worker would attend cultural training and education.

With 45 per cent of players in the NRL of Pasifika heritage, respecting and celebrating diversity in culture are core values listed on the NRL website.